Off Island Accompaniment

The off island accompaniment initiative will allow people to make vital hospital appointments that may have been restricted to them in the past. Appointments are missed regularly because some patients are unable to travel alone, negotiate taxi or bus routes alone or have a mobility issues which makes travelling alone difficult. This missed appointment could have lasting implication on the health and well being of the patient.

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Final thought


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for volunteering your time to our organisation and helping us bring our community even closer together.  By doing so you are enhancing the community and brightening lives.  Nobody needs be alone and with your help we are making this a reality.  Your contribution makes a huge difference to our community and it may mean the difference between an individual seeing or not seeing another person for weeks at a time, providing a friendly face, a listening ear and a laugh about shared experiences and life stories.  Our vision is one of friendly social and emotional support platform for people of all ages and abilities, becoming a beacon of trust and accomplishment across the Uists.  Mòran taing – Thank you.

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